In November 2003 Mountains and People - Bulgarian Association of Mountain Leaders was the first in Bulgaria to receive a license for Mountain Leaders Vocational Training Center. Ever since, we are the only vocational training centre having implemented training courses in this profession that end with acquiring a state certificate for vocational training. By the end of October 2008 98 professional leaders have received their diplomas and a lot of them have already managed to achieve professional success.

Since 1999 we have organized five "Training for trainers of mountain leaders" seminars in partnership with CRET Association (Regional and European Tourism Centre) - Briancon, France, Bulgarian Association for Alternative Tourism (BAAT), Odysseia-In Sport and Travel Agency (Bulgaria) and the French Embassy in Bulgaria.

     About the Profession:

     Name and professional code: Traveling, tourism and free time, code 812
     Name and code of the profession: Mountain leader code 812020
     Name of faculty, code and level of professional qualification: Tourism, code 8120201, third level of professional

     About the Training:

     Duration: 9 months
     Total number of credit hours: 1180, including:
     1. Obligatory theory - 500 hours
     2. Obligatory practice - 500 hours
     3. Subjects of free choice - 180 hours
     Training mode - regular (during the day)

     Professional characteristics - after the final exams for state certification the student must:

  1. The trends and development of the national and international travel markets;
  2. Bulgarian tourism legislation;
  3. National and international legislation for natural and cultural heritage conservation;
  4. National insurance legislation in tourism;
  5. The main principles of guiding individual clients and small groups;
  6. The principles and means of giving first aid;
  7. The principles and means of organizing a trip;
  8. The principles and means of orientation in the mountains;
  9. The principles of acting under difficult meteorological conditions;
  10. The usage and innovations of mountain equipment.
     Be able to:

  1. Lead clients in the mountains and guide them in cultural and historical sites;
  2. Guarantee the safety of the clients;
  3. Give first aid;
  4. Animate and amuse the clients;
  5. Organize and lead hiking tours of different difficulty grades;
  6. Prevent or manage conflict situations among the clients;
  7. Work with different types of mountain equipment and help the clients to choose the suitable equipment for them.

I. Obligatory subjects - theory 500
Behavior in the mountains & mountaineering 140
Climate in the mountains 40
Orientation 30
Theory of tourism 35
Working and communication with clients 50
Social Psychology 35
Biodiversity and ecology 60
First aid and transportation of an injured 80
Tourism legislation 30
subjects of free choice 180
Ski 120
Actual problems in tourism 7
History of the mountain leader profession 8
History and cultures of the people on the Balkans 15
Bulgarian traditional folklore 15
Christianity and Islam 15
II. Obligatory subjects - practice 500
Behavior in the mountains & mountaineering 250
Climate in the mountains 20
Orientation 50
Working and communication with clients 70
Social Psychology 10
Biodiversity and ecology 20
First aid and transportation of an injured 80


     1. The training course finishes with two exams for state certification - theory and practice;
     2. After passing the exams, the students receive a state certificate.