Important documents:

     What is UIMLA?

     The Union of International Mountain Leader Associations UIMLA was founded in November 2004. UIMLA is an international governing body based in France which is representing the IMLs from Andorra, Belgium, France, Great Britain, Poland, Spain, and Switzerland. One of the most important targets for UIMLA is to represent the profession at the international level as well as setting equal standards of qualifications for all International Mountain Leaders IMLs. UIMLA also promotes the profession and supports the cooperation between IMLs from different countries.

     The UIMLA International Mountain Leader and the IFMGA Mountain Guide are the only internationally recognized qualifications in the mountains in Europe.

     Mission Statement

     UIMLA'S Mission is to :

     What is an International Mountain Leader?

     An International Mountain Leader (IML) is a person that has been trained and assessed against the challenging requirements of the UIMLA. These requirements are specified in a document called "A common platform standard". The IML qualification lets the holder leading groups in different mountains all over the world, where the skills of alpinism are not required. IMLs can not provide tours on glaciers and permanent snow, and where the planned use of a rope is necessary. However IMLs can work with groups on high altitude treks as well as leading groups on snow shoes. IML's, from every member country, have to maintain International Continuing Professional Development (ICPD) to ensure that members are kept up-to-date with the latest developments in mountain leadership.

     Only qualified International Mountain Leader has the badge and the carnet of The UIMLA organization.


Extraordinary General Meeting of UIMLA in Bulgaria. Dates: 12-13 May 2012

"Mountains and People" Association will proudly host the Extraordinary General Meering of UIMLA from the 12th till the 13th of May 2012 in Bulgaria. The main topic will be admission of new members from Eastern Europe and the Balkans. 

"Mountains and People" Association is happy to announce that only 1 year and a half after its admission as a full member of UIMLA it will organize such an important event. 

     Bulgarian way to membership of UIMLA

     At the annual general assembly of UIMLA in Chambery, France 2008 - the "Mountains and People" association was invited to present the Bulgarian reality of the profession of the mountain leading, the training and assessment in our country. After a wonderful presentation, made for all members and candidates of UIMLA and voting on behalf of the full member delegates, we received aspirant membership. This means that for us the process has begun.

     See pictures from the Annual General Assembly of UIMLA in Chambery, France 2008

     At the annual general assembly of UIMLA in Brussels, Belgium 2009 we confirmed our desire to receive full membership, that will recognize our training and assessment and is about to turn the Bulgarian mountain leaders into IML - internationally recognized mountain leaders. We presented all needed documents, translated into English for the UIMLA membership and we invited a delegation of UIMLA to come to Bulgaria to make an expertise on the training courses, especially for the winter outdoor activities. So, we made again one step forward to the participation in UIMLA.

     See pictures from the Meeting with UIMLA coordination board in Brussels, 2009

At the annual general assembly of UIMLA in Villars, Switzerland 2010 Bulgaria was officially voted to become a full member of UIMLA. After a winter expertise of the training process in Rila Mountains and a positive report, given by the UIMLA representatives, the "Mountains and People" association is now one of the 10 countries� member associations. We are now going to play role in the development of the profession worldwide, setting the standards for the profession and hopefully become the leading training centre on the Balkans. Together with Italy and the Netherlands we are the 3 new members of UIMLA.

     See pictures from the Annual General Assembly of UIMLA in Villars, Switzerland 2010